Throwback Summer



Hii everyone!!!!

As winter is around the corner so , I just want to give a throwback of one of my favourite outfit which I was obsessed during the summer. It is super comfortable and honestly it was my go to outfit. This is the final outfit that I wanted to show you guyss. Tell me how it looks.2017-11-02-19-29-35[1]

I paired a simple over sized t-shirt with jeans and Jade Women’s Gladiator Fashion Sandals which I absolutely love as they can go with any dress , any jeans . You can wear them with dress, t-shirt and jeans, shorts , skirts and they look absolutely gorgeous. Honestly , i got it very cheap . They are super affordable .



So what do you think of the outfit and gladiators? Please let me know.

And if you have any other outfit ideas please share a pic down below in the box. I would love to see some ideas.

Please stay tuned for more throwbacks….


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