5 Best Cold Cream For Winter

Hello my lovely beauties….Happy Wednesday!!!

When people ask me which season is my favorite, I don’t have to think – Winter. But winter and skin are not the best of friends. Winter is awesome but let’s not forget about the most essential part of winter: the ongoing battle with dry skin.In the winter season when the air is crisp and chilly, you need to take special care of your skin.  To replenish this moisture loss, you definitely need to use a good face moisturizer or cold cream for the winters to treat dry skin. This will help to smoothen the skin texture, doing away with skin dryness.


Here follows a list of some of the best cold cream in the market today:

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Essential Daily Moisturising Cream :

This is one of the most popular and easily available brands in the market.

What it claims:

  • The formula is non-oily, non-sticky and gets immediately absorbed to provide 24 hour moisturisation
  • Its formula is enriched with grape fruit water known for its refreshing benefits
  • The combining power of vitamin E and B5 helps protect the skin from external factors.

What I like:

It gets absorbed speedily and makes your skin soft readily. Honey, Pure Acacia in it nourish and moisturize your skin thoroughly and maintain the skin’s moisture level at a high no matter how dry the surroundings is.It has a high moisturizing and hydration ability hence ideal for people who take most of their times outdoors or areas prone to pollution.

2.Lakme Skin Winter Care Lotion Bottle :

This wonderful intense moisturizer from Lakme acts as a fantastic moisture lock, giving your skin a healthy translucent glow and sheen bashing aside all the discomforts of skin dryness.

What it claims:

  • Ideal for winters
  • Hydrates skin
  • Gives visible sheen
  • The product can also be worn under make-up.
  • For best results, use the product on an everyday basis during winters
  • Easy to glide on skin.

3.POND’S Moisturing Cold Cream :

This is one moisturizing face cream that has stood the test of time and has turned even better with research in the world of cosmetic manufacturing.

What it claims:

  • For soft, glowing skin
  • Moisturise, nourish and protect
  • With 10 skin nutrients plsu moisturisers

What I like:

It has an outstanding moisture retention capacity to prevent chapping and dry lines even in the harshest of environments.

4.Nivea Crème :

This is one of the most balanced cold creams in the world. The thick, creamy emulsion works best for both night and daytime applications.

What it claims:

  • NIVEA Creme with skin-caring
  • Eucerit makes your skin pure
  • It will help your skin to become soft and smooth

What I like:

It hydrates, softens, and smoothes the skin to give the skin an attractive looking fair complexion.

5.Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream :

The Olay Moisturizing Cold Cream is a flawless choice for girls with persistently dry skin. It guards the epidermis from the excessive heat of winter and summer to produce a light glowing skin throughout the dry seasons.

What it claims:

  • Specially formulated to help fight the 7 signs of skin ageing
  • Reduces spots, firms skin, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, smoothens and moisturizes skin, evens skin tone, reduces pores and makes your skin glow
  • Formulated with a special complex of VitaNiacin and Anti-Oxidants which together work to fight the 7 Signs of Skin Ageing and give you younger looking skin
  • Suitable for normal to combination skin

What I like:

It  protects delicate skin against dry winds, tones the skin, improves hydration, and restores the elasticity of the skin. It is a good skin cleanser, makeup remover, and an ideal makeup base.



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