Go Desi..

Hello everyone…….NAMASTE!!

This post is a very special post as it contain some of the stuff that can only be counted as an “Antique” and it is one of the most beautiful clothing that I got from my mom. Obviously its a saree, I have grown up seeing my mother wearing a saree. So it is very close to my heart and this one is actually 25 years old which makes it even more special.

I wanted to pair it with a classic blouse but we are all young and we love experimenting with our clothes and I have seen people wearing a saree with high collar blouses so I thought of improvising it as it is winter- you want to stay warm.

Finally I paired it with a turtleneck…..




The saree in this picture is 25 year old, it has beautiful cross stitched embroidery with resham threads.


I hope you enjoy reading the post and if you try wearing a turtleneck saree please send me link in the comment box down below. I would love to see you trying out this look.

Some more saree post are on the way…so stay tuned guys…I love u all…




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