Delhi Diaries…

Hii everyone !!!!

Happy Republic Day India… Jai Hind.

I hope you all are happy and healthy.I know that I have been away for a very long time because I went to Delhi for few days. I know its too much but I missed blogging alot and on top of it I missed you guys. But I am back now and I have a lot to share with you all.

So the first thing in my list is a simple outfit that I wore on my way to Delhi. It was a purple dress paired with beige jacket and a pair of boots. To accessories it, I wore hoops.

This was the final look..












I couldn’t resist adding a single image of these lovely hoops. They are so good and can add a lot of grace to any outfit. Loving these..!!



Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have anything specific on your mind. I promise that I am going to be regular.

Love Akanksha….




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