Lakme Eyeconic Eyeliner : Review

Hello everyone..!! How you all doing ?

Nothing much have happened in my life recently. So there is not much to share. I just lock myself in my room and watch back to back movie. I don’t know what happened to me lately , I just don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to do a loads of talk . So I thought , why not talk to you guys and still I don’t know what to talk about because I am tired , tired of doing nothing😝 and yet I don’t want to do anything. You will think I have gone crazy but don’t judge me with my words , I am a good person by heart.

Without irritating you guys any further , lets get back to the post. Today I am here with a review. Review of Lakme eyeconic eyeliner. 

I cannot step outside without putting eyeliner . I don’t know I just think I don’t look good without eyeliner and if I don’t look good , I don’t feel good and if I don’t feel good then I don’t feel like going out ( Hey.. It rhymes😁😁).

Lakme Eyeconic Eyeliner:




While travelling , I ran out of eyeliner and I bought this Lakme Eyeconic Long Lasting Eyeliner from a local store .

What It Claims :

  • Endurance
  • Smooth even line
  • Water and Smudge proof
  • Easy precise application




How to use:

  • On the upper lid , draw a neat stroke , starting from the inner corner of the eye and extending outwards.
  • Repeat on the lower lid.




I love this eyeliner . It is super lasting and water resistant. It can literally last a day or maybe two.








I hope you like the post. And I know I am super talkative . I love sharing. If you want to know something about me , just put a comment below. I am looking forward for making  300 followers this month, so just please help me .

Thankyou … XOXO


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