Biotique Product : Review

Hola... Guyss...!!!! I know its been a while 😝😝. Ohh... I am so sorry, its almost around 6 months. Well it's a long story, will share some other time. I took a break from blogging to get some "ME" time and to sort my messed up life. I am back!! Hope and try to be … Continue reading Biotique Product : Review


5 Best Cold Cream For Winter

Hello my lovely beauties....Happy Wednesday!!! When people ask me which season is my favorite, I don't have to think - Winter. But winter and skin are not the best of friends. Winter is awesome but let's not forget about the most essential part of winter: the ongoing battle with dry skin.In the winter season when the … Continue reading 5 Best Cold Cream For Winter

5 Best Night Creams For Oily Skin

Hii Girls... People used to tell me that if you are young you should not use too much product on your skin as all the chemicals are going to damage the skin. Do I agree with them? Yes I do. But there are certain things or certain product that are required to keep your skin … Continue reading 5 Best Night Creams For Oily Skin